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About Us

Established in 1980 and originally known as Arches Taxis we have one of the largest fleet of taxis in Bristol but proud to have remained totally independent.This means to you our loyal customers that we have and still remain the most competitive priced firms in the city whilst still maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

priced fares and unrivaled customer care.Now Bristol Taxis we are proud to serve Bristol, Gloucestershire ad surrounding areas.

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Always on Time

Our policy is to always be on time, we never miss our clients requests.

We’re Punctual

Our vehicle will be on time on the pickup spot, just recognize us by our name!

24 / 7 Available

We receive orders any time, always on demand for you 24 / 7 – 365.

Bristol Taxis
Deliver best Services

Our aim is to be the best provider of private hire Taxi services in Bristol and the first to launch fixed priced on long distance journeys "No Quibble Taxi Rides Know The Price Before You Leave"

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